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What is Important When Interviewing Forklift Operators?

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

People often make the mistake of assuming that interviewing is only stressful for the job candidate. However, the truth is that the process is often no picnic for the interviewer either! Not only does an employer need to find the right person for the job in question, but they must also consider the safety of the team as a whole. This is especially true when hiring someone who will control heavy machinery such as a forklift. Here are three of BGSF’s top tips for assessing the skills of potential forklift operators.


One of the most essential qualities of any forklift operator is the ability to do the job safely. When evaluating potential job candidates, ask them to describe accidents or injuries that occurred as a result of their actions on previous jobs. The best employees take responsibility for their actions and express genuine concern for establishing good safety measures moving forward. It’s also a good time to ask candidates about what they would do if they noticed areas for improvement in safety, and how they would approach managers about dangerous situations.


To ensure the safety of everyone on the team, forklift operators need to update their training and education on a regular basis. During the interview, inquire about times when the candidate attended classes or seminars. Additionally, companies should seek out workers with a desire to learn, as they are more likely to rise through the ranks to better positions in the business. If you aren’t learning, then you are falling behind.


Working in a warehouse requires a certain amount of “people skills.” As a result, prospective forklift operators must possess a talent for teamwork. When evaluating candidates, ask them to describe a work situation that required them to work with others in order to overcome a problem. Employees with a strong history of cooperating with others will likely be able to work well with your team too. The workplace culture will really thrive with all employees bought into the teamwork and supporting each other.

When hiring someone who will control heavy machinery such as a forklift, safety, education and teamwork are important.

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