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We're in this Together!

Covid-19 Action Plan

BGSF continues to rely on the CDC and WHO, government health authorities, for guidance and resources to drive our decisions around employment and business practices to ensure the safety of our employees and our customers. We have designated a Response Team who is communicating daily to address the rapid changes so that we may respond quickly, efficiently, and with care for our teams and our communities. We assure you that our team remains hard at work for you and our business continuity plan is strong. We are here for you!

Availability of Our BG Team Members

Here, at BGSF, we will continue to work for you and our team remains available to you by phone, video, or email at any time. Our employees, candidates, and leadership are well equipped with the tools needed to work from home to continually provide our services.

Resources and Data Integrity 

We are all adjusting to a new normal for the immediate future and technology will play an even bigger role in our everyday working lives. Our technical platform is designed with these events in mind and will not be impacted in any way if we are required to work remotely at any point. Our secure, cloud-based IT infrastructure serves our team at any location, 24/7, to be productive wherever they are in the world—whether it’s a client’s office in Dallas or a desk in their home office.

New Website and Communication 

Our team will be able to support you virtually with our NEW website; here you can apply to jobs PAPERLESS, request talent, and most importantly get in touch with the brands you know from one place. This new website streamlines your needs directly to BGSF and will allow us to be here for you in whatever way possible to make sure your continuing recruitment, job search, or workflows uninterrupted.

Helping You Stay Productive

Our specialty is empowering people to do their best work, in a BiG way– wherever, whenever, and however, it needs to be done. We have always helped our clients in facilitating meetings with candidates through virtual interviews. Such actions keep us ahead of the curve and continues to allow us to provide clients with candidates, candidates with jobs, and continue our mission “Your Future. Our Purpose.”

We’re in This Together

As the situation surrounding Covid-19 rapidly changes, we will continue to evolve our response to it. We are here to face it together, as that is the only way forward. BGSF stands united, working together to make the best out of a situation that is unprecedented, whether working from home, or those on the front lines deemed essential.

We truly appreciate all of you, especially those of you out there providing essential services that keep us safe, and keeps the world turning. Thank you for being a part of our BGSF family. As always, stay safe and be well.

COVID 19 Graphic

BGSF Resources

Here are a variety of resources and tools to help you navigate any Coronavirus situations are you are currently facing or may encounter in the future.

Online Resources

Here are the online resources we are using to both track information and guide our future steps.

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