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Fight Scams

BGSF Community Alert

The BSGF team would like to alert our community that online fraudsters will sometimes attempt to impersonate staffing companies like ours through e-mail, LinkedIn, Facebook, and other social media messages sent with fraudulent employment offers.

BGSF will never ask a job applicant for an application fee, or ask for documents to be uploaded onto unsecured websites.

Our team members do not use Gmail accounts or similar emails for business. We do not recruit applicants globally or use “freelance recruiters.”

If you receive any messages from “Beth Garvey Staffing,” or if you suspect that you have received other phony or suspicious messages, please let us know by emailing us at If you receive a message and you’re not sure it is from us, don’t respond and don’t click on any links. Check with us first.

Fight Scams
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