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Unlocking the Key to Community Success: How Full Staffing Elevates Resident Retention and Renewals


Maintaining a fully staffed property is more than just an operational necessity; it's a strategic approach to boost renewals and enhance resident retention. This strategy lies at the heart of creating a vibrant, stable, and profitable multifamily housing community, where resident satisfaction serves as the cornerstone.

The Economic Advantage of Resident Retention

Retaining residents is far more than a mere convenience; it's a strategic and economic advantage. The process of acquiring a new resident involves significant costs — from advertising and showing spaces to the potential losses incurred during vacancy periods. These costs are considerably higher than those associated with retaining an existing resident. By focusing on maintaining a fully staffed property, communities can provide a level of service and responsiveness that encourages residents to renew their leases.

How to Elevate Resident Retention and Renewals

Investing in Responsive and Efficient Property Management 

The essence of effective property management lies in being proactive, responsive to maintenance requests, ensuring the timely resolution of issues, and maintaining transparent communication. A user-friendly reporting system for maintenance issues, for example, can significantly enhance the resident experience. It's no surprise that properties renowned for their efficient management often boast higher resident retention rates. A multifamily housing community in Texas, for example, implemented a 24-hour maintenance response policy, dramatically improving its resident satisfaction scores and retention rates.

Personalizing the Resident Experience

Personalizing the resident experience can significantly boost loyalty. Acts as simple as remembering residents' birthdays, anniversaries, or pets’ names can make a substantial difference. This level of personal recognition fosters a deeper connection with the community, making residents feel valued and more likely to stay.

Gathering Feedback and Making Improvements

Regularly seeking and acting upon resident feedback is vital. Whether through surveys, suggestion boxes, or informal meetups, listening to your residents and implementing their feedback not only improves the community but also demonstrates that their opinions are valued.

Modernizing and Upkeeping Facilities

The attractiveness of a property heavily relies on the regular maintenance and timely updates of its facilities. Staying abreast of the latest trends in amenities and décor and modernizing communal areas or upgrading fixtures can significantly enhance a property’s appeal.

Deploying Effective Communication Strategies

Effective communication forms the backbone of strong resident relations. Regular, clear, and honest communication builds trust and keeps residents informed and engaged. Utilizing newsletters, community boards, or social media platforms for this purpose is highly effective.

Partnering with BGSF for Success

BGSF Property Management stands as a pivotal partner in achieving these goals. By providing expert Leasing Consultants, Property Managers, Maintenance Technicians, and other crucial staff, BGSF ensures that properties are not just adequately staffed but are homes to communities where residents want to stay. Our suite of services from Direct Hire to Smart Hire/Payroll services, Temporary Employees, and Temp-to-hire arrangements, offer flexible solutions to meet any property’s needs, ensuring your property is equipped to deliver exceptional resident experiences.

By focusing on maintaining a fully staffed and responsive property management team, properties can significantly increase their resident retention rates, thereby enhancing their profitability and community vibrancy. Partnering with BGSF is not just about filling positions; it's about building communities and ensuring the satisfaction and safety of every resident. Visit BGSF Property Management to learn how we can support your property’s success.

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