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Leveraging Contingent Labor to Combat Vacancy Rates: A Strategic Guide for Property Managers


In recent years, the property management sector has encountered unprecedented challenges, notably a significant shift in occupancy rates. A combination of historically low mortgage interest rates during 2020 and 2021 encouraged many renters to purchase homes. However, as interest rates and rent prices surged amidst inflation and recession fears, the dynamics shifted dramatically. Many individuals opted to stay put, share living spaces, or move back with family, contributing to a vacancy rate that, as reported by the U.S. Census Bureau, peaked at 6.4% in the first quarter of 2023, the highest in two years.

This trend has placed Property Managers in a tight spot, navigating the balance between maintaining high occupancy rates and managing operational costs effectively. One innovative strategy that has emerged to address this challenge, without adding a permanent headcount to the budget, is the utilization of contingent labor and workforce solutions.

BGSF Property Management: Your Partner in Strategic Staffing Solutions

BGSF Property Management stands at the forefront of offering comprehensive contingent labor solutions tailored to the unique needs of the property management industry. Our services are designed not only to fill immediate staffing gaps but also to align with your long-term strategic goals, ensuring your property remains competitive and attractive to potential renters.

Flexible Staffing Solutions to Enhance Occupancy Rates

Our multifaceted approach includes providing skilled Leasing Consultants, Property Managers, Groundskeepers, and Maintenance Staff on a temporary, temp-to-hire, or direct-hire basis. This flexibility allows Property Managers to adapt quickly to changing market conditions and resident demands, thereby improving the resident experience and, ultimately, occupancy rates.

Smart Hire/Payrolling: A Unique Approach to Workforce Management

Our Smart Hire/Payroll Services are particularly advantageous for Property Managers looking to "test drive" potential hires. This service places selected employees on our payroll, removing the complexities and liabilities associated with direct employment. With no minimum hours or buyout fees, Property Managers gain the freedom to assess fit before making a long-term commitment, ensuring the right talent is in place to support occupancy goals.

Addressing Seasonal and Unforeseen Challenges

The unpredictable nature of the property management industry, from seasonal fluctuations to unforeseen emergencies like frozen pipes or HVAC issues, necessitates a ready and capable workforce. BGSF's comprehensive suite of services ensures that you have access to the professionals needed to maintain operational continuity and resident satisfaction, even under the most challenging conditions.

Strategic Contingent Labor

In an era marked by rapid market changes and shifting occupancy dynamics, the strategic use of contingent labor presents a viable solution for Property Managers aiming to boost occupancy rates without the financial strain of increasing permanent headcount. BGSF Property Management is committed to being your trusted partner in this endeavor, providing the expertise, flexibility, and tailored solutions required to navigate the complexities of today's real estate landscape successfully. Contact us to request talent today!

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