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Solutions for Transport-Challenged Populations

Division Professional Division, Zycron

February 7, 2020

Project Scenario:

In collaboration with the City of Memphis, in March the University of Memphis submitted a proposal for the development of an AV demo that will take automation from sensory data-driven decisions to infrastructure-assisted autonomous driving. Vehicles acquire and transmit vehicular and pedestrian information beyond sensor range, enhancing collision avoidance and route adjustment. By leveraging existing routes and pathways, service capacity for transport-challenged elder and disabled communities expands while data transmission enhances infrastructural capability.

Project Outcome:

The goal is to enhance the safety of small, low-cost autonomous vehicles to boost mobility of transportation-challenged citizens such as the elderly and disabled. Enables their continued participation in their communities, Reduces their dependence on family or society, Helps them overcome daily life difficulties in reaching important destinations, such as medical appointments.

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