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Donovan & Watkins Builds Valued Partnership with a Commercial Litigation Firm


June 9, 2020

Client Challenge:

Donovan & Watkins (DonWat) was approached by a Houston commercial litigation firm to provide e-discovery document review services for one of their oil & gas clients. This project was to provide a team of attorneys to review and tag thousands of documents for a breach of a master construction agreement. The firm did not have the space or resources to support a project of this scale. Our client needed DonWat to identify qualified resources and provide work space with equipment within a very short time frame.

Identified Resources:

DonWat began the proven process of identifying experienced document review attorneys by utilizing their extensive database and relationships in the industry. The huge database retained is an enormous asset for projects such as this. DonWat was able to identify twelve attorneys as well as one lead attorney to manage the team and be the single point of contact to the firm’s partner in charge.

Action and Solutions Delivered:

Within one week, the needed consultant attorneys were placed at a secure work space with all of the technology and equipment needed to support the team. Since there is little room for error in document reviews, a team lead was added to perform quality control work, in order to cover all of the bases. This group of attorneys delivered on the scope of work within the time constraints as well as on budget.

Supplies provided:

12 DonWat emails, 12 Surface Pros, 24 monitors, 12 docking stations, and 12 keyboards.

All Surface Pros had Microsoft Office Suite installed.


The office space provided was conducive to comfortable and efficient work by providing state-of-the-art technology, office supplies, amenities, and security measures. The team established an organized document review process that made it easy for the client to oversee.

The team lead administered the quality control needed, assigned workloads, and gave prompt feedback to the managing attorney of the project. After several weeks, the Houston firm requested more attorneys to help tackle the influx of documents being turned over by the opposition.

Through the year, the team lead managed the ebb and flow of documents and the size of the team. The DonWat team had committed to the project until completion. The client won the case!

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