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BG Creative Builds Valued Partnership with Global Fortune 500 Digital Acceleration Initiative

Division BG Creative, Professional Division

May 8, 2020

Client Challenge:

A global Fortune 500 firm prompted BG Creative to help put together their CEO’s number one initiative; establishing a global digital acceleration team. The firm’s objective includes to not only have a stronger presence in their eCommerce vertical, but engage and enrich their consumer’s journey from a 360 degree perspective. The expectation is for the firm to be elevated to a Fortune 100 within three years with this lofty initiative.

Identified Resource:

The initial request included finding a Senior Front-End Developer. We were tasked with this challenge after two firms and internal talent acquisition was unable to provide the right talent. Two weeks and one submittal later, an offer was extended – opening the door for a trusted partnership. The firm has continued to engage our expertise and our guidance in identifying the proper talent.

Actions & Solutions Delivered:

Key hires have included: Global Director of Digital Growth, Senior Director of Content, Senior Director of Digital Optimization, Senior Manager of Conversion Excellence, a team of Digital Product Managers and a content team, with requests for user experience and graphic design needs along the way.


BG Creative has played a vital role in the development of this team. Our consultants have given the firm full capabilities to tackle their initiative. The progress of their digital acceleration team has extended over to their sales team to be equipped with the proper resources to grow their business and drive traffic through their digital presence. It has allowed our client to succeed in conquering their aggressive initiative and raising the bar in their digital aspirations.

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