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American Partners Move Fortune 500 Corporation to Enterprise Planning Cloud

Division American Partners, Professional Division, Science and Technology

June 12, 2020

Client Challenge:

Move a Fortune 500 top 10 Multinational Retail Corporation to Enterprise Planning Cloud

American Partners was tasked with guiding our client, who operates a chain of discount department stores and grocery stores, to migrate their environment to the Oracle Enterprise Cloud Platform.


American Partners identified two highly qualified consultants who quickly became integrated members of the client’s workforce solution. As of February 2020, the consultants are leading the client team, integrating their current Oracle EPM footprint, and providing day to day support.

This migration forced the consultants to look at the application in a new view:

  • Conversion to Hybrid mode

  • Dimensional Optimization

  • Process and Calculation Improvements for new functionality

Applied Resources: automation, metadata, optimization, and training


Automation – We have redesigned their automation standards for cloud based and on-premise automation to utilize a common framework, drive standard syntax and reporting.

We have utilized this framework to develop new automation for:

  • New SAP load to Cloud Application

  • Centralized extract of EDMCS dimensionality

  • Import or new Metadata to Cloud Application

  • Import and refresh of metadata to many on-premises applications.

Metadata – Prior to American Partners, the client started an EDMCS implementation. Unfortunately, the project was not tested, which resulted in the vision not being realized. The American Partners team revamped the implementation to ensure “best practices” and drove governance change within the organization.

Starting with the package dimension we have modified the original implementation to do the following:

  • Established a tiered workflow so that non-technical users can maintain changes to the rollup

  • Applied proper security to not allow deletes or renames of member names

  • Hierarchical integrity for shared rollups

  • Dynamic property assignments for downstream applications

  • Standardized extract process

Optimization – American Partners is looking at methods to improve the current applications to address:

  • Performance

  • Maintenance

  • Usability

Training – American Partners consultants provide daily or weekly training on support techniques and best practices regarding new technology within the client’s platform.

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