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SAP Consultant Solves Fix All Configuration Issues In the System

Division Extrinsic, Professional Division

February 7, 2020

Client Challenge

In the maintenance stage of their SAP implementation, Extrinsic’s client, a Global Mining Manufacturer, realized that previous configurations were done incorrectly, causing the following problems to arise:

  1. Issues with ACH Payments:

    • The U.S. outgoing instruction file to the bank was missing records, causing them to be recorded incorrectly on client books.

    • The U.S. Custom Vendor Bank Account Encryption Program was causing ACH payments to fail.

    • U.S. payments allowed other foreign currencies to be paid and caused multiple types of foreign currency translation issues.

  1. U.K. incoming EBS files were posted on the wrong date: Prior testing was incomplete, and the dates were not being passed on correctly by the bank

  2. U.K. Remittance Advices for consignment payments were nonexistent.

  3. Two types of payment-run variants were not being set up correctly in the U.K.

  4. U.S. Remittance Advices for SNC suppliers were not being sent.

  5. U.S. implemented domestic and international wire payments for the U.S.

Identified Resource

Extrinsic identified a specialized consultant with 25 years of SAP consulting experience within SAP FI/CO. Her experience in SAP functional modules includes Finance, Banking, Cash Management, Treasury, Controlling, Fixed Assets and Project Systems in R/3 versions 2.2e through ECC 6.06. She has over 17 full and new SAP lifecycle projects and over 15 partial SAP lifecycle projects from blueprint through post-go-live support.

Actions and Solutions Delivered

The consultant was able to fix all configuration issues in the system. The client can now move forward with ACH payments, instead of reverting vendors back to check payments and introduce ACH payments to more vendors. U.K. EBS dates were corrected, allowing their month-end process to continue without having to manually correct all EBS postings. U.K. consignment payments now have detailed reports for their vendors. SNC suppliers now have a choice of EDI or emailed payment advice.


In addition to correcting the client’s configuration problems, Extrinsic’s consultant provided knowledge transfer and detailed documentation to the internal team so they can support the changes in the system long term. The project finished on time and on budget.

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