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Nonprofit Organization Fills the Shoes of HRIS Manager

Division Extrinsic, Professional Division

March 10, 2020

Client Challenge:

Extrinsic’s client, a nonprofit organization in North Carolina, were informed that their Workday HRIS Manager was leaving for another opportunity. They reached out to Extrinsic to find a qualified consultant to cover the current vacancy until they identified a full-time resource. They needed a consultant who could quickly fill in for the former HRIS Manager, bridge the gap and allow the client to stay on track with their current projects.

Identified Resource

Extrinsic identified a specialized Workday HRIS Manager with over 14 years of HRIS experience and eight years of hands-on Workday experience. He has led over four Workday Implementations and is an expert in the Core HR modules, business processes, Security and Report Writing. With over five years of experience as an HRIS Manager, he has experience leading and managing full lifecycle implementations, system enhancements and rolling out new functionalities.

Actions and Solutions Delivered

Extrinsic’s HRIS consultant was brought on to support both the functional and technical aspects of Workday. He was able to manage a number of initiatives independently, freeing up time for the client’s internal team to continue to support a global project rather than expanding their focus to include providing coverage for the vacant HRIS Manager position. The client praised the consultant, noting that he was successful in fulfilling their needs, very responsive and a knowledgeable Workday resource.

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