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Is Your LinkedIn Recruiter Ready?

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

Your LinkedIn profile is the easiest way for someone of a hiring capacity to know that you are open to new opportunities. Not managing this platform correctly, does a huge injustice in the market place to yourself.


LinkedIn, like most sites is a search engine. This means that recruiters or hiring managers will be searching for specific keywords.

Add complete job descriptions: it is CRUCIALLY important to keep your profile up to date. As a recruiter more times than we can count, we see profiles that disclose their last project from two years ago and not what they are currently working on. The best way to fill in the description from previous posts or projects is by using the very description given when you first applied. That way most of the verbiage is filled in, you just have to edit with any other tasks or related learning experiences.

Organization is KEY:

It’s extremely easy to rearrange your LinkedIn profile. If you have an extremely hard skillset, make sure that is at the TOP of your profile – you can add it to your blurb that shows up under your name for ‘what you do’. As a recruiter I don’t read every profile word for word, that’s why specific keywords, impressive skillsets, and pertinent training are important.

LinkedIn can be one of your most powerful career tools and it’s free! I would recommend if you are on the job market, take ten minutes and look at your profile – give it some love! You never know, BGSF might be the next recruiters to contact you for a job!

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