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Implementing Highly Functional GL System – Speeding up the Financial Reporting Process

Division Donovan & Watkins, Professional Division

February 3, 2020

Business Scenario:

Our client had a troubled implementation of PeopleSoft General Ledger and nVision Reporting four years prior to our involvement. This client was unable to efficiently and timely extract data from the GL to perform financial reporting.

Project Scope:

Our team of consultants worked directly with the client to develop a timeline for a two-phase solution.

Phase 1)

Our team of consultants was tasked with streamlining internal controls within the GL module. They built new processes and procedures to ensure compliance with the newly incorporated internal controls during the project and reporting tool.

Phase 2)

Our team worked with the department managers to document and refine processes and procedures for financial reporting. This resulted in more efficient financial processes that were easy to follow and allow the employees to work with the nVision Reporting Tool. Nearly all the financial reports needed to be redesigned to reflect the new GL structure that was created by the project. Our consultants also trained the client staff in nVision so going forward they would be able to create financial statements.

Clients Return on Investment:

The project provided our client with a highly functional GL System speeding up the Financial Reporting Process, along with improving the internal controls and enhanced Financial Reporting capabilities. In the end, the client received more precise and timelier month-end Financial Reporting.

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