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Implementing and Updating SOX Policies And Procedures for Oil Field Services

Division Donovan & Watkins, Professional Division

February 7, 2020

Business Scenario:

Our client was a large publicly traded Oil Field Services company. They were in need of a review of their SOX policies and procedures.

Phase 1)

Our team consisted of three SOX auditors to test the client’s current SOX procedures. Upon determining the disconnect from policy and actual procedures.

Phase 2)

Based upon the above information we added a Compliance Specialist. This consultant worked directly with each person of the accounting department to ascertain their individual scope of work to determine the disconnect with the policies.

Phase 3)

Our Consultant documented all work and methodologies of each individual, thus determining each area of non- compliance.

Clients Return on Investment:

By Implementing a self-check SOX inquiring and finding and implementing corrections within the system our client was able to shield themselves from high-risk audit findings from external audits. In conclusion, our team of consultants was able to implement and update this company’s SOX policy and procedures to be utilized for years to come.

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