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How often do you engage in humor with your colleagues at work? (Results of our LinkedIn poll)

April celebrates National Humor Month, and May brings a renewed focus on well-being with Mental Health Awareness Month. We all know that laughter releases endorphins, the "feel good" chemicals that help improve our mood. According to WebMDhaving a strong sense of humor has numerous short-term and long-term mental health benefits. This inspired us to conduct a poll and ask our followers how often they engage in humor with their colleagues during the workday. 

The Poll Question

We asked our 238K+ followers, "How often do you engage in humor with your colleagues at work?"

The options were:

  • Multiple times a day

  • Daily

  • A few times a week

  • Rarely

Poll Results

With a total of 600 votes, the results are as follows:

  • Multiple times a day received the most votes with 53%.

  • Daily came in second with 21% of the votes.

  • A few times a week came in third with 14% of the votes.

  • Rarely was last with 12% of the votes.

Analyzing the Results

The poll results show that the majority of our followers take advantage of the benefits of humor while working, improving their moods and making their colleagues' days a little brighter! Here are some key takeaways. 

Multiple Times a Day

The clear winner with 53% of the votes, emphasizes the significance of engaging in humor during the workday. According to the Harvard Business Review, laughing together accelerates feelings of trust, increasing camaraderie. This benefits employees and employers as levity increases employee engagement, collaboration, creativity, and innovation! Therefore, bringing humor into the workplace can help solve problems, create a happier company culture, and improve retention!


It boosted our moods to see that 21% of our followers engaged in humor daily! Research by Gallup shows that one of the greatest drivers of employee performance is having a close friend — presumably one you laugh with — at work, making team members more engaged, creative, and happier! Humor among colleagues builds a deeper sense of affiliation, driving work performance as team members are united in purpose and action, positively impacting clients and increasing the bottom line.

A Few Times a Week

Only 14% of you engaged in humor a few times weekly. We learned from a few of our followers that they fear using humor at work, in the case they may not be taken seriously, or worse, offend a coworker. However, you can still add levity to your work life by enjoying and appreciating other people’s humor.


A mere 12% of you rarely use humor at work, indicating that inserting humor into your work life can be difficult. According to research by behavioral scientist Jennifer Aaker and corporate strategist Naomi Bagdonas from Stanford’s Graduate School of Business humor is the “secret weapon” for building bonds (and power, creativity, and resilience) and we should try to incorporate it more at work.

Implications for Employees and Employers

In the ever-evolving landscape of hiring, understanding how humor can positively impact employee collaboration and retention, can be the difference in your team members' emotional and mental wellbeing! It begins with leadership, creating a culture where connections and friendships develop naturally and thrive. Consider how you can drive a culture of fun, thereby boosting well-being, team performance, and the organization’s bottom line. Remember that much of the power of humor is chemical.  When we laugh, our brains produce less cortisol and release more endorphins and oxytocin, all HR-approved!

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