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Food Industry Contract Packaging Company

Division InStaff, Light Industrial Division

March 30, 2020

Client Challenge:

Specifically, this company needed Instaff to:

  • Ensure their daily need of their daily workforce, up to 150 temporary workers, would be met

  • Quickly and efficiently manage the transition of any existing temporary employees

  • Improve overall management of their temporary workforce

Actions & Solutions Delivered:

Instaff called for a meeting at once between the operations departments of both companies to devise an implantation plan of the new staffing services along with a strategy on transitioning employees. Directly after these meetings, a directive was rolled out to have InStaff up and running for this client in less than two weeks.


InStaff was able to establish an effective temporary staffing solution for this client and had this plan operating within ten business days. With this solution in place, InStaff:

  • Met the clients daily fluctuating staffing needs

  • Reduced attendance and turnover issues without onsite program

  • Provided continued, daily staffing services support from our local office

Our client knows that with InStaff, not only are their needs in the Lake County area met daily, but as they grow, they can count on InStaff to be right by their side.

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