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Filling Candidate Positions for Software Services Client With A Short Window

Division Professional Division, Zycron

February 7, 2020

Client Challenge:

A software for services client had a need to staff up to 16 positions within a four to six-week window. These positions were required to have strong people skills as well as strong experience with Salesforce and would be in support of bringing new customers on to our client’s software product.


Working with the client’s managers we identified in detail the skills that all candidates must have to be successful and proposed a focused effort from Zycron’s recruiting team to not only identify the potential candidate but provide the first round of in-person qualifying interviews. Zycron was willing to commit to this if the client would give us the work exclusively and they agreed.


Zycron’s recruiting team immediately starting identifying candidates and bringing them in for their in-person interviews. If qualified Zycron then sent calendar invites to our clients hiring managers to set up the final interviews at the client’s site. The windows of time available for these final interviews were set up in advance in order for these candidates to get through the process as quickly as possible.


All of the positions were filled within the timeframe that the client requested, and the client has been very happy with the quality of the resources that came out of this process.

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