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Complete Transitioning Operations For Sell

Division Donovan & Watkins, Professional Division

February 7, 2020

Business Scenario:

Our client was a $250 million-dollar logistics national company. Our team of consultants helped with the transition of the days to day operations of the company’s business for a sell-out to an acquiring business.

Phase 1)

Our team consisted of an Interim CFO, Controller, Accounts Payable Manager, two senior accountants, and one administrative personnel.

Phase 2)

This team was tasked to close our client’s books for the previous months.

Phase 3)

Our team was able to document the acquired companies’ procedures and policies along with banking relationships to the acquiring company, completing all required reconciliations to ensure the finalization of sale.

Clients Return on Investment:

With our professional team, with assisted our client with saving over $100,000., in consulting fees as our team was able to complete the project ah

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