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Building Rich Interior Hazard Maps for First Responders

Division Professional Division, Zycron

February 7, 2020

Project Scenario:

In collaboration with the University of Memphis, 3D scanning is complete for seven facilities including the National Civil Rights Museum, Benjamin L. Hooks Central Library, and the Liberty Bowl Stadium. The resulting point cloud data has been processed to create geocoded 360-degree smart maps showing building interiors with objects of interest such as exits, stairways, and water connections clearly identified. A GIS app is under development as well, and a First Responders feedback session is scheduled for July 16 to gather suggestions for improving the maps and using them to navigate the facilities in emergency situations.

Project Outcome:

Enhances safety of First Responders and building occupants during emergency situations.Improves First Responder ability to navigate facilities and locate critical interior features such as exits, stairways, and so on.

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