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Bolstering Solid Waste Management Efforts

Division Professional Division, Zycron

February 7, 2020

Project Scenario:

The deployment of the ReCollect Solid Waste Management portfolio allows the City of Memphis residential customers to access and search for their solid waste collection days via

Waste Collection Calendar:

  • Recycling – cans, bottles, paper, containers, etc.

  • Yard Waste – shrubbery, leaves, grass, etc.

  • Garbage – bagged, wrapped, trash container

  • Outside the Cart collection – semi-monthly service, tree limbs, furniture, car tires, bikes, etc.

  • Waste Wizard – specific details on products, particles, object specific

  • Waste Sorting Game – Where and how to dispose items

  • Google Play and Apple Developer Programs – for Mobile App Users (Enrollment Required)


  • Schedule Specific

  • Customer friendly Calendar allows residents to plan better

  • Knowing When and Where to place What Items

  • Eliminates/cuts down on Trash sitting curbside for longer than necessary

  • Decrease vagrants and animal rummaging through

Increased Waste Diversion Stats:

  • 200 tons of diversion recycling post Go-Live (May-June)

  • Improved Education with online monitoring

Project Outcomes:

Post Launch Statistics (May to mid-June):


  • 10,113 New Households added

  • 591 Printed Calendars

  • 8,009 First Time Visitors

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