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10 Distribution Center Strategies to Consider

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February 17, 2015

From staffing to streamlining processes, today’s distribution centers face a number of challenges. Fortunately, InStaff is here to help. A leader in full-service recruiting, we pride ourselves on helping distribution centers maximize output. Here are some of our top strategies for distribution center success.

Go green.

These days, almost every industry is concerned with its carbon footprint, and distribution centers are no exception. To protect the environment, and your pocketbook, consider updating to more eco-friendly MDR conveyors. Along with using 30-60 percent less energy, MDR conveyors offer the added bonus of reducing noise levels in your facility.

Measure velocity.

Product velocity refers to a measure of mover speed at your distribution center. According to the experts, placing stock-keeping units in easy-to-access areas is essential to a distribution company’s success in the coming years. Additionally, you should keep ergonomics in mind to boost employee satisfaction rates at your business.

Try cross-decking.

Want to cut costs at your distribution center? Consider cross-decking, or moving goods straight from receiving to shipping. For best results, incorporate a receiving conveyor system into your warehouse.

Conduct reporting.

Looking for a less time-consuming way of assessing your current systems? At InStaff, we recommend that warehouses implement a software-based system of tracking performance. As a bonus, most of these programs allow you to track both employees and overall system function.

Utilize automation.

Checkweighers can have a significant impact on your warehouse’s quality control. Not only can you boost productivity by automating these systems, but you can also reduce the amount of time spent dealing with customer complaints about underweight or overweight packages.

Consolidate vendors.

While the economy is slowly recovering, many businesses are still looking for ways to save. By forming relationships with integrators, distribution companies have the opportunity to score the products they need at a lower price point.

Automate wrapping.

These days, customers expect to receive their orders in days instead of weeks. Automated pallet building and wrapping allow for speedier service with a reduced risk of product injury. Additionally, distribution centers that adopt this technology can reduce labor costs for their facilities.

Automate printing.

A long-time burden for distribution centers is printing and affixing labels before packages can be sent. With automated printing and labeling, your facility can enjoy improved accuracy rates on shipping with less manpower.

Utilize multiple channels.

Integrating your various distribution channels in one sitting is another great way for businesses to save. In addition to allowing for better inventory management, a multichannel approach lets companies cut costs while fulfilling orders more expediently.

Look at outsourcing.

Sick of handling all your distribution needs in-house? These days, many companies are outsourcing this role to another enterprise. This is a great option for businesses looking to save money while freeing themselves up to focus on other tasks.

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