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The Cybersecurity Talent Shortage Guide

Updated: Mar 27

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October 4, 2023

Supply and Demand

For every cybersecurity professional who is currently employed, there are two open cybersecurity positions currently available in the market. However, those numbers do not tell the whole talent shortage story. The real shortage is in the quality and experience of those professionals as the demand dramatically increases every year.

Addressing the Talent Gap

As cybersecurity becomes more and more critical in this climate, smaller to mid-level companies are attempting to compete with global giants for the top cybersecurity talent that is available. But, with their smaller budgets, it can be an uphill battle to attract and retain those experts.

How Can You Level the Playing Field?

The good news is, no matter what your goals are and the extent of your budget, you can be successful in hiring information security experts in this market! Click here to download our guide and learn how you can address this challenge today. Or are you looking to work with a specialized search partner to address your information security needs? Click here to talk to an expert today!

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