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Temporary vs. Permanent Jobs – Results of our LinkedIn Poll

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

According to Staffing Industry Analysts, temporary jobs have fallen for the sixth consecutive month in July, shedding 22,100 jobs based on data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. July 29th week saw temp staffing hours drop 9% according to the Bullhorn Staffing Indicator Report.  As we reported in our July jobs report, temporary jobs have continued trending down, decreasing by 205,000 since their peak in March 2022.

This prompted us to ask our 204K+ followers on LinkedIn the question,

“Are you more likely to accept a temporary or contract job or a permanent/full-time job and why?”

Poll options included the following:

  • A temp job to build my resume

  • A perm job for more stability

  • Depends on my lifestyle/goals

  • Share your ideas in the comments

We received a total of 1128 votes with the results listed below:

A perm job for more stability received the most votes at 69%, with one follower stating that choosing between a permanent job and temporary work was a “matter of reducing risk and having something to survive through the unknown.”  According to Smartest Dollar, temporary workers accounted for 1.93% of the U.S. workforce as of April 2023.

Depends on my lifestyle/goals came in second with 24% of votes. One follower stated she was “afraid of contract work but in the end, it can be more freeing and financially more exciting.”

A temp job to build my resume came in third with 6% of votes. One of our followers stated that he had interim contracts for years and enjoyed the “freedom, flexibility, and variety.” Temporary employment works well for individuals who thrive on change and can offer a better work/life balance. Employees are not tied to one company, have opportunities to build their skill sets, and can explore the type of work environment they want to be in.

Salary expectations for contract versus permanent roles vary based on the needs of the candidate, location, and other benefits, and must be considered. As one follower stated, he was open to both depending on the pay rate and additional benefits offered.

Let BGSF help you reach your career goals, whether you are looking for a permanent role or a contract role to gain new skills and build your resume. We also provide workforce solutions to assist with your talent search.  Search our jobs or contact us!

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