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Navigating the AI Talent Challenge: How BGSF Can Support Your AI Solutions

Updated: Jun 10


In the rapidly evolving landscape of artificial intelligence (AI), securing skilled talent is becoming increasingly challenging and costly for companies worldwide. A recent report by General Assembly highlights the escalating costs and difficulties associated with hiring AI talent. According to the report, over half of the companies surveyed spend at least $10,000 to fill roles requiring AI skills, and 69% of HR leaders find it more challenging to hire individuals with adequate AI skills compared to traditionally hard-to-fill roles such as data analytics, data science, software engineering, and UX design.

Key Findings on AI Hiring Trends

  • Cost of Hiring AI Talent: 52% of companies report spending at least $10,000 to fill roles requiring AI skills.

  • Difficulty in Hiring AI Talent: 69% of HR leaders find hiring AI-skilled individuals more challenging than hiring for other hard-to-fill tech roles.

  • Salary Demands: 66% of companies agree to meet the salary demands of job candidates.

  • Educational Requirements: 53% of companies are lowering traditional educational requirements for their open positions.

  • HR Staffing: 52% of companies are increasing their HR staff to better acquire talent.

Companies are entering a new era where mastering AI tools and swiftly adapting to the advancements in generative AI is essential. Staying ahead requires adopting new, flexible methods for hiring, retaining, and upskilling workers, along with seeking partners to help implement AI solutions. Companies that embrace these innovative approaches will succeed in this dynamic market.

How BGSF Can Support You in Finding Top AI Talent

AI Roles of the Future

There are eight types of engineers that AI trends will require. Some of the roles below are already known in the market, while others are relatively new: 

  • Machine Learning Engineers 

  • Data Scientists 

  • Data Engineers 

  • Software Engineers 

  • AI Engineers 

  • Data Analysts 

  • Business Intelligence Engineers 

  • Computer Vision Engineers 

Finding AI Talent

In this challenging environment, BGSF can play a pivotal role in helping companies find and retain top AI talent. BGSF has already defined and validated the technical and soft skills (at junior, middle, and senior levels) related to the eight profiles above. Interview questions and technical challenges are also ready to be applied to each profile evaluation. In other words, we are prepared for the hiring process.

  • Expert Talent Acquisition: BGSF specializes in recruiting skilled professionals across various industries, including AI and technology. With a deep understanding of market demands and an extensive network, BGSF can connect companies with highly qualified AI experts.

  • Customized Workforce Solutions: BGSF offers tailored workforce solutions to meet the specific needs of businesses. Whether companies need contract-based employees for short-term projects or permanent staff for long-term roles, BGSF can provide flexible options.

  • Focus on Skill Over Credentials: Reflecting the trend of reducing traditional educational requirements, BGSF emphasizes skills and experience over formal education. This approach ensures that companies get candidates who are proficient in AI technologies, regardless of their academic background.

  • Adapting to Market Trends: BGSF stays ahead of industry trends and understands the rapidly changing AI landscape. This knowledge allows us to advise companies on competitive salary packages, necessary skill sets, and effective talent retention strategies.

  • Enhanced HR Support: With many companies hiring additional HR staff to manage talent acquisition, BGSF can provide outsourced HR services. This support can streamline the hiring process, making it more efficient and less burdensome for in-house HR teams.

BGSF's AI Capabilities

BGSF's Managed Solutions team can also support cutting-edge machine learning (ML) solutions for accelerated business transformation. We help our clients leverage machine learning technologies to provide powerful analytics tools, valuable insights, and breakthrough products to optimize and supercharge their business processes.

With technology developing at the speed of light, our team is committed to delivering maximum impact by leveraging the latest breakthroughs and identifying unique use cases. Our AI/ML capabilities include:

  • Generative AI: Crafted fresh content by understanding patterns from existing data.

    • AI agents and chatbots

    • AI app development

    • AI API integration

    • AI model development

    • Data annotation and labeling

    • Data mining and cleaning

    • Knowledge representation

  • Cognitive AI technologies: Replicating human-like cognitive processes and using decision-making algorithms.

    • Deep learning

    • Natural Language Processing (NLP)

    • Computer vision

    • Machine learning

    • Robotics

    • Internet of Things (IoT)

    • Expert systems

    • Cognitive computing

    • Document digitalization and data extraction

    • Pattern recognition and automation

The Race for AI

The race for AI is intensifying, and companies must adapt to the new demands of the market. BGSF’s expertise in talent acquisition, flexible hiring solutions, and our own AI capabilities make us an invaluable partner for businesses looking to thrive in the age of AI. By leveraging BGSF’s services, companies can overcome the challenges of hiring AI talent and stay ahead in an increasingly competitive landscape. Contact us to learn more:

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