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Business Transformations Using Microsoft AI Technologies: Our Top Three Key Takeaways from Convergence AI


BGSF was very excited to serve as a platinum sponsor at last week's Dallas Regional Chamber (DRC) Convergence AI. As the premier talent and technology provider in the Dallas area, our team had a fantastic experience at this innovative and incredibly valuable event. The DRC, ranked #1 among regional chambers nationwide, expertly orchestrated Convergence AI, bringing together top companies and diverse talent to explore the latest AI trends and innovations.

BGSF's Table Talk: Business Transformations Using Microsoft AI Technologies

BGSF's Table Talk, featuring Hitesh Talati, Senior Vice President of Growth, Strategy and Innovation, garnered immense client interest and generated buzz. Hitesh not only showcased our capabilities in artificial intelligence (AI) but also highlighted our leadership and proactive approach to AI for business transformation. At BGSF, we've moved beyond mere discussion of AI; our teams are actively engaged in proving, implementing, and operating AI solutions with multiple successful deployments, both internally and for our clients.

During our discussion on business transformation using AI technologies from industry giants like Microsoft and Amazon, we sparked lively debates, shared current business cases, explored various options, and provided recommendations. This led to numerous requests from attendees for further discussion and advice on possible next steps.

Top Three Takeaways

Throughout the multiple AI panel discussions, breakout sessions, and booth/table chats during the day, our team came away with three overarching themes when it comes to the future of AI and business.

Theme #1: AI is here, it’s now, it is everywhere, and it is a game changer.

AI adoption across companies of varying sizes is transitioning from a curiosity-driven phase of conducting proof of concepts (POCs) to a more targeted approach centered on value-driven POCs, focused pilots, and scaling up to mid to large-scale deployments. The evolution of AI, or GenAI, is occurring at a rapid pace, emphasizing the importance of directing and shaping it to unlock new levels of productivity, with technology adapting to suit our needs rather than the other way around. Virtual assistants and chatbots, designed with a human-centric approach and built to be scalable and secure, will serve as invaluable co-pilots and auto-pilots for the next generation of the workforce. However, achieving this will necessitate the upskilling and reskilling of future candidates. It is also very clear that enterprises of all sizes are increasingly investing in and advancing along the AI continuum.

Theme #2: The proliferation of foundational LLM’s and GenAI tools is causing confusion and FOMO.

With the proliferation of numerous foundational LLM models in the market and the constant stream of rapidly evolving innovation news and information, many businesses, particularly small and mid-sized companies, are overwhelmed and grappling with feelings of confusion. During our discussion:

  • We explored strategies to alleviate this by breaking down the complexities into smaller, focused, value-driven business cases and implementing POCs with 1-2 weeks for review.

  • We emphasized identifying low-hanging fruit that offers immediate value creation in areas such as knowledge management, business intelligence reporting, client-facing applications, and compliance/legal matters.

  • Microsoft Copilot and Azure AI services were examined in depth, accompanied by real-world examples of intelligent applications utilizing machine learning, NLP, OCR, big data, and search capabilities, both out-of-the-box and custom-built.

  • The essence of value lies in generating new intelligence by amalgamating public and enterprise data and knowledge. While the choice of a foundational model is crucial, it's important to acknowledge that no single model may cater to all needs optimally. The specificity of models and the ability to provide choices, along with curating all models to extract the best recommendations and information, represent the next frontier in this space.

Theme #3: Responsibility, trust, and security are paramount.

Ethical and responsible AI should be built into everything we do, not an afterthought. Leadership must give consistent messaging on awareness and acceptable/ethical use, explore and communicate the challenges around security, and set guardrails in place for their business. With the persistent and over-provisioning of co-pilot and chatbots as it relates to data access, identity, and access management, principles and modern IAM solutions become highly necessary. Our existing SSDLC process needs to be updated to build this into every step, from inception to deployment and operations.

BGSF and the Future of AI

The BGSF team was thrilled to have the opportunity to meet and discuss the future of AI with some of the top business leaders in the Dallas area. From our discussions, we deduced some of the hottest topics surrounding its implementation and impact, including AI's transformative potential, challenges posed by its proliferation, and the importance of responsible implementation. Moving forward, embracing innovation while remaining ethically grounded is crucial to unlocking AI's full potential. As a leading talent and technology provider across the nation, BGSF is dedicated to leading this journey, shaping a better future for AI and business.

Contact us to learn more about our AI capabilities, ask us questions, and learn how we can support you in your AI journey!

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