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Get Compensated Fairly With These Tips

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

After weeks of searching for jobs and interviewing with HR reps, you’ve finally received an offer letter. The hard part is over, right? Wrong! Once you’ve landed the position, it’s time to talk about compensation and benefits. Here are some tips to ensure your next salary negotiation is a success:

Do Your Research

For a leg up in your new salary discussion, take the time to do your homework. Before you discuss salary with a potential employer, research the going rate for your services in a given area of the country. By providing the hiring manager with objective numbers to back your salary request, you boost your chances of getting what you want.

Don’t State a Price Upfront

While we’re on the subject of stating your desired salary… well, don’t. Before suggesting a dollar figure, see what salary range the company is willing to offer, in case it’s more than you expected. If the hiring manager presses in asking for a figure, don’t fret; simply say that your current contract doesn’t allow you to reveal your salary to outsiders.

Talk Up Your Skill Set

Want to “up” your current compensation offer? Be prepared to talk up your abilities during that all-important negotiation appointment. A great way to score a higher salary is to list your past accomplishments. After all, your valuable experience translates to more potential profits at your new company.

Ask About Benefits

In some cases, a company may not be able to negotiate on the final salary. However, that doesn’t mean a savvy candidate can’t score other benefits. If you can’t land your desired price, consider asking for extra vacation time, tuition reimbursement, or even the ability to telecommute.

Practice Your Pitch

Once you’ve determined your sales pitch, take the time to practice it with family and friends. Make an effort to predict arguments and brainstorm ways of countering them. By remaining confident and relaxed, you will boost your chances of landing your dream job at the compensation point you desire.

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