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Conducting Effective Candidate Interviews

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

It’s no secret that interviewing job candidates isn’t everyone’s favorite task. From asking awkward questions to handling prickly salary negotiations, the interview process can be seriously uncomfortable for hiring managers. Fortunately, BGSF is here to help ease the “weirdness” of the recruitment process while making sure you hire only the best people for your business. Here are some of our top tips for running an effective interview.

Do the Research

The candidate isn’t the only one who should be prepping for that all-important interview. As a hiring manager, you have a responsibility to research the candidate, reviewing his resume, and past experience thoroughly. Additionally, you should prepare to answer the candidate’s questions with regard to the job and the workplace environment. Make sure the employee is a great fit, not just for the position, but also with his or her future team.

Use Open-Ended Questions

As a hiring manager, you have a responsibility to collect all possible information about a potential candidate. However, it’s difficult to get the most informative and useful answers if you ask poor or ill-considered questions. For best results, ask open-ended questions about the candidate’s long-term professional goals. Moreover, you should encourage an employee to evaluate his or her past performance instead of just listing titles and accomplishments.

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