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Candidates…Let Your Light Shine!

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

As a prospective job seeker, you are more than just what’s on a piece of paper. Your resume may highlight your experience and even get you an interview but being able to sell yourself is what’s going to get you the job!

Personality plays an important part in the process; each client, company, and/or position is unique, and depending on the hiring manager or supervisor, they will have certain preferences. Being able to communicate your value in an articulate, engaging, and enthusiastic way is essential. We can all do extra training with Excel to learn pivot tables or become more proficient with social media, but those soft skills are what’s going to seal the deal.

During the interview – whether with the recruiter or with a prospective employer – talk confidently about your experiences and ideas. Share details of some projects and specific results of which you are particularly proud.  Now is not the time to be humble!  Finally, define your “brand,” by staying active on social media and using those platforms to promote yourself. Don’t be afraid to let your light shine and lead the way to your next job!

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