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Admin Interviews – Be Prepared

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

Being an administrative assistant is no easy feat. After all, you have to anticipate the needs of your employer while dealing with other workers and customers and keeping the office running. As difficult as it is to succeed as an admin, acing that administrative assistant interview can be even more challenging. Here are some of BGSF’s tips for being prepared at your next admin interview.

Review Your Tech Skills

When was the last time you brushed up on your technical skills? As an admin, you may be called upon to type emails, enter company data in Microsoft Excel, or even perform basic HTML work on occasion. As a result, it’s wise to make a list of your technical skills and qualifications and summarize them during the interview. These skills are a great place to differentiate yourself from other candidates. Just be sure you actually have the skills you claim, or you might risk losing your new job soon after landing it.

Showcase Your Multitasking

Are you the type of person who can talk on the phone while typing an email and filing old financial docs? Because admins have a wide array of responsibilities, the ideal candidate can both multitask and prioritize jobs according to their importance. For best results, describe to the interviewer a time when you handled several key tasks in a short period. Behavioral interview questions are very popular, so be able to provide examples.

Focus on Teamwork

An admin isn’t just the first person customers see when they come into an office or shop — they also act as a point person for employees. The smile doesn’t just greet visitors but also can be the first face your organization sees each day. As a result, the best administrative assistants are able to boast about their teamwork skills during interviews. Along with describing your talents for communication and cooperation, try to share a moment when you helped a fellow employee out of a jam.

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