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What Makes a Supervisor Great?

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

What makes a supervisor great? A question you maybe haven’t considered before but when you interview for a job, you interview the supervisor too. How are they as a manager? Do you see eye to eye with one another? Are they approachable and empathetic toward you? All questions and thoughts to consider before you take the job.

We decided to take a poll to see which skills you considered the most important for a supervisor.

The response options were:

  • High Integrity

  •  Promotes Growth Opportunities

  • Approachability and Empathy

  • Other (please comment below!)

In today’s job market, there are two jobs for every job seeker (U.S. BLS). In addition, according to a recent survey by GoodHire, 82% of employees said they would quit their job due to poor management.


The characteristics of approachability and empathy were the clear winner, with 57% of the votes, followed by having a supervisor that promotes growth opportunities (22%) and has high integrity (19%)

Our followers want an approachable supervisor, who understands their concerns, values their ideas, and is available. This type of supervisor nurtures each member of their team to grow into their best work selves, while also preserving a vision for the overall needs of the organization.

Look for these skills and characteristics when interviewing your next potential boss. If you’re seeking a new opportunity, search our Professional and Real Estate offerings or meet our Leadership team.

Sources: and U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

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