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What Do You Love Most About Your Career?

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

Many factors affect your feelings about your career, with the degree of importance varying on individual preferences and circumstances.

With February celebrating the month of love, we believe finding attributes you love about your career is also important.

One clear sign of job dissatisfaction is a lack of engagement. According to Gallup, 79% of employees are not engaged at work! Reasons for the lack of engagement included high stress, an unmanageable workload, unclear communication, lack of support, and unreasonable time constraints.

In contrast, Gallup reported that 21% of employees are engaged at work. Common factors considered important in a career include personal fulfillment, financial stability, growth opportunities, work-life harmony, security, and the environment.

This prompted us to ask our 27K+ followers on LinkedIn the question,

“In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we want to hear from you. What do you LOVE most about your career?”

Poll options included the following:

  • Aligns with my values

  • Fosters my career development

  • Supports my skills/talents

  • Gives me purpose

Supports my skills/talents received the most votes at 31%, which is not a surprise considering a career that utilizes your strengths will often allow additional opportunities for growth and advancement.

Gives me purpose came in second with 29% of votes. A career that gives you purpose speaks to your passions, ignites your motivation, and provides a sense of fulfillment.

Aligns with my values came in third with 23% of votes. Alignment with your values – including your interests, strengths, passions, and lifestyle can make a huge difference in your level of satisfaction.

Fosters my career development came in last with 17% of votes. Although this option came in last, it’s important to recognize that employees value opportunities for professional development, including learning new skills, advancement, and increased earning potential.

Ultimately, what you love about your career depends on your individual goals, priorities, and values. Consider what is most valuable to you and find a career that aligns with those needs and aspirations. In doing so, you will increase your engagement, renew your excitement, be a more supportive teammate, and ultimately positively impact yourself and your company.

Seeking a more rewarding work environment or talent solutions? Let BGSF help you find career satisfaction and assist with your talent search.  Search our jobs or contact us!

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