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Want Better Job Candidates? Make Better Job Descriptions!

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

Tired of being bombarded by less-than-stellar job applicants? The truth is, the job descriptions you’re posting online may be to blame. To attract the best candidates, employers need to remember that job ads are in fact ads. Present your company—and the position in question—in a positive light in order to draw the best people to your team. Here are some of BGSF’s top tips for writing great job descriptions:

Be Specific

Were your last few interviews serious duds? The problem may be a lack of specificity in your job description. A well-written job ad should inform candidates about the company while indicating what they will be doing on a daily basis. Additionally, you can share details about the office environment. If employees are expected to work independently without a great deal of micromanaging, let them know this information upfront. The goal is to attract the best candidates while discouraging under-qualified folks from wasting your time and theirs.

Ask Colleagues to Weigh In

Hiring managers are often in a hurry to get their job ads up online. However, rushing through the process may prevent companies from writing the best possible job descriptions. Before posting that next ad, ask colleagues and team members to weigh in. Not only does consulting your other employees enable you to write a more thorough job ad, but it may also ensure the new worker gets along well with the team.

Screen Out Careless Candidates

Searching for an easy way to weed out unqualified job applicants? Ask that candidates respond to your job ad with a specific word, such as DOG, in the subject line. By including a hidden instruction in your job ad, you can screen for those candidates who are less than conscientious. After all, people who can’t follow directions in a job ad may demonstrate the same carelessness in the workplace while on your dime.

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