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Visualizing Success in 2023

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

For the past two years, Gay Belt, Director of Training, has led a Vision Board Workshop to help our teams envision their goals by learning the process and purpose behind creating an annual vision board.

Gay has created vision boards for over 30 years and believes that the creative process and the visual reminders of what she wants to do, be, and have, have contributed to her success! She recently led workshops to prepare us to manifest our personal and professional goals in 2023. Why vision boards? A survey from TD Bank showed that 59% of people who use vision boards were confident about achieving their goals, and 67% believed that consistent imagery served as a powerful reminder!

“Vision boards allow us to identify and acknowledge what we truly desire in our lives, they allow us to have a visual representation of our goals, to be powerful with a specific intent to create and receive the gifts we have asked for, letting the universe bring it into our lives!” -Gay Belt

While we can’t guarantee that a vision board alone will make your life perfect, we do know that this exercise will help you to identify and clarify your goals, dreams, and intentions, while the visual affirmations serve to keep them active and at the forefront of your mind.

Tips to Begin:

  1. Gather your materials: Collect magazines, glue sticks, scissors, and cardstock (or use a tool like Canva if you prefer a digital board).

  2. Take time to clarify your vision: What do you want to accomplish, gain, become, etc.?

  3. Find images that represent your vision: Find images and words that speak to you – it doesn’t have to make sense to anyone else.

  4. Arrange your materials: Be messy, don’t follow a template, and embrace the process.

  5. Place your board where you’ll see it often: It doesn’t work if you don’t see it! Keep it visible and consider sharing it with coworkers, friends, and family for accountability.

  6. CELEBRATE your accomplishments: Put a checkmark over something you have achieved and share your success!

Look at your board every day to ensure that you move towards what you want to achieve. Celebrate your small wins and reflect at the end of the year to see how far you’ve come! If something changes along the way, don’t despair. These are your goals and dreams and can be modified.

CELEBRATE your accomplishments: Put a checkmark over something you have achieved and share your success!

At BG, we love to celebrate in a BiG Way! Our purpose is to connect great people to great places to work. Impacting communities. Transforming lives. Interested in finding out more about BGSF and what we value? Click HERE! You can also Search our jobs or contact us!

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