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Understanding the Recruitment Process and Why You Shouldn’t Wait

Updated: Sep 12

Timing is Everything. The hiring process can end up feeling like a game of “hurry up and wait.” Due to this mindset, even the most qualified candidates can fall into a cycle of believing they have time to burn and miss out on making the first impression. If you are truly excited about a project, don’t wait until tomorrow to let recruiters know!

According to LinkedIn, 40% of contractors who signal on LinkedIn that they’re open to new opportunities respond within 24 hours and 20% respond within a few hours. Don’t be late to the party! You need to reach out now.

Get out in front fast.

A busy hiring manager does not want to spend hours skimming through resumes – that’s why they rely on people like us at Extrinsic! We have a reputation in the industry of providing qualified, reliable consultants. In a competitive market, the first few candidates that come across a hiring manager’s desk will likely be in the best position. Not to mention, the last thing a manager has time to do is coordinate interviews all week. Some clients will simply move forward with an offer as soon as they find a good fit, even if it’s the first candidate they interview.

What’s the hold-up?

To shed a little light on our recruiting process, we are not just sending out your resume and crossing our fingers! There is a lot more that goes on behind the scenes to set you up for success like the following:

Right to Represent: First and foremost, we cannot submit you without your written approval. This email serves as the green light to move forward for both parties. It also includes the rate agreement and client information, so you can make sure you’re not double submitted.

Checking professional references: If we have already worked with you or have checked these in the past, we can skip this step. If not, this can be the biggest roadblock! When consultants delay this process without explanation, it can also signal a red flag. Our clients trust us because they know we are completing this step for them upfront.

Creating your profile for EVERY role: Before a hiring manager even opens your resume, they are looking at a snapshot that we have created, highlighting your relevant skills and experience based on the scope of the project. We draw this information not only from your CV but from our conversation with you about the role, so go ahead and elaborate! To speed up the process, feel free to send a few additional bullet points to help you stand out. Think of it as a quick, easy way to get the manager excited about opening your resume and eager to schedule your interview.

Hockey Hall of Famer Wayne Gretzky said, “you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” Our tip for you is: don’t let a lack of urgency prevent you from taking that shot!

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