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Top Qualities to Look for in a Staffing Agency

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

Tired of moving from one job to the next? Feel like you’re always a rung below where you should be on the corporate ladder? A good staffing agency doesn’t just connect you with your next position but should work tirelessly to help you build a meaningful and lasting career. Just as all job candidates aren’t created equal, neither are all staffing companies. Here are some top tips for evaluating and choosing a staffing firm:

Industry Expertise

Just as companies specialize in providing various products and services, most staffing agencies focus on a particular type of staffing. Before selecting a staffing agency, do some research regarding its industry expertise and range of connections in the area. If you’re looking to take on more responsibilities as an executive, make sure the staffing company you choose boasts experience in executive recruitment. Similarly, if you’re seeking a manufacturing job, make sure the agency has connections in this field.

Strong Reputation

Reputation is everything in the business world, and a company with a poor reputation may not be able to land you the job you deserve. Before signing with a staffing agency, do some research regarding its online reputation. After all, you want to make sure the agency you choose can connect you with all the best companies in your region.

Caring Recruiters

Does your recruiter take your calls? Respond to your email in a timely fashion? If not, you may be at the wrong staffing agency. Because a recruitment relationship really is a partnership between agency and candidate, it’s important that job seekers feel as though their recruiters genuinely care about them and their career goals. It’s no surprise that the best staffing agencies hire the most compassionate and effective recruiters to support their job-seeking clients.

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