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Updated: Sep 12, 2023

  1. Education/Credentials (CALP, CAM, CAMT, CAPS) | All aboard the education train! The NAAHQ credentials are a fantastic way to not only reward an employee for loyal service but also ensure they continue to be a loyal employee for years to come with the knowledge to be a true asset for your company. It’s a win-win!

  2. Marketing and Advertising | Don’t skimp on this! Besides digital marketing on search engines, don’t forget to include advertising line items on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat (hello geofilters!), and more. Also take into consideration localized print ads, digital billboards, or even sports venue advertising. It’s always better to pad this line item and have a little bit of leftover!

  3. Employee Recognition and/or Contests | Even more since the pandemic started, employees are feeling the desire to be recognized by their coworkers and upper management. Setting aside a little capital to give back to your employees in the form of exclusive company swag, team bonding days, virtual happy hours or craft classes (watercolor painting class courtesy of Craft Happy, anyone?) is enough to give any employee the warm fuzzies.

  4. Events! (as we start getting more social post-pandemic, hopefully) | Whether it be resident events, grand openings, sponsorships, or that annual employee holiday party, event budgets are one of the few that get forgotten or left off the budget list. While it’s easy to nix “extra” spend, keep in mind that the more employees or residents feel engaged with their company or community, the less you have to spend to lease that extra apartment or fill that empty desk.

  5. Shipping or postage | The NUMBER ONE THING that is forgotten about! If you’re shipping swag, sending employee orientation gifts or welcome gifts, boxes of giveaways to communities, shipping can ADD UP depending on weight. It’s better to go ahead and set aside some extra cushion built into your budget. And when in doubt, ask your promotional items printer about approximate shipping costs. That way, you’ll be prepared for whatever 2022 brings.

Remember, your local BGSF team can help sponsor your budget camps, team retreats, or anything else you have planned! As you are working on your hiring budgets, don’t forget that we also offer SmartHire payrolling services, the option to hire through Direct Hire, and a comparable buy-out fee for any talent you want to retain permanently. Let BGSF be your partner in success for 2022!

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