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The Top Five Reasons Consultants Are Winning the Game of Life

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

One in four employees plans to leave their job once the pandemic subsides*. That means 25% of the workforce has evaluated their current situation and decided to improve it! But where do you go from there?

A more typical route would be to focus on searching and applying for a conventional, full-time position. But you could easily end up right where you started, stuck in an unfulfilling role and searching for that next opportunity. So, what if you chose to experiment and take your time with your next move? What if you chose a path that allows for more variety and financial opportunity? What if you chose to become a consultant?

We spoke to several of our current consultants to hear what they enjoy most about consulting and why they chose that route for their professional lives. Here at the top five reasons they love consulting (and why you should consider it!)


A majority of our consultants noted they enjoy the flexibility that comes with many consulting roles. While that level of flexibility depends on your contract/job and your manager, most said that as long as you are completing your work on time and successfully delivering on your tasks, the actual hours you work within can be fluid. Therefore, the typical 9-5 doesn’t necessarily apply to consultants!

“Generally [in consulting] there is a stronger sense of independence.”


Some of the field talent we spoke to have been consulting for years. As they discussed their professional history, many came to the realization that consulting offers such a variety of roles and projects, as well as opportunities to strengthen their resume with more experience. Some saw consulting as a way to get your foot in the door at specific companies, while others enjoyed transitioning from role to role, and even project to project within certain contracts. You’re not so much locked into a role, leaving time for exploration! This is especially true when they are working with BGSF, as we’ve made it easier for them to find their next opportunity.

“They will work to find you a new role, or if you’re not happy they can work to find somewhere else for you. I would recommend working with an agency 10 times over.”

Work/Life Balance

Many credited working as a consultant to be extremely beneficial to their work/life balance. Again, this depends on your current role and leadership, but most of them believe that clients are incredibly understanding of one’s personal responsibilities. They also referred to their flexible hours again, which leaves them time to take care of themselves and their family’s needs.

“As long as you’re delivering and have a good relationship with your team, they’re respectful of you and you never feel pushback or pressure.”

Financial Opportunities

Almost all of our consultants cited better financial opportunities as a deciding factor in choosing a consulting role over a traditional, full-time role. These roles typically do offer higher earning potential, which can significantly alter one’s career trajectory.

“I doubled my income overnight. I can’t thank Zycron and Chase enough, because it was life-changing.”

Professional and Personal Growth

Moving from one opportunity to another, consultants can take what they’ve learned and quickly apply it to their next project. They are consistently sharpening their skillset and developing their expertise through a variety of roles, teams, cultures, policies, and experiences. In this respect, consultants are building up their resumes and strengthening their soft skills, such as communication, empathy, teamwork, time management, etc.

“In the end, it comes down to your emotional intelligence.”

If you’re convinced it’s time to give consulting a try, apply to one of our open positions today! 

*Prudential Pulse of the American Worker Survey

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