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The Swag Game: Top Trends in 2023

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

There are precious few things better than free giveaways.

Whether attending a tradeshow, a conference, a workshop, or a dinner meeting, the sight of a free SOMETHING is enough to elicit excitement in even the most minimalist of hearts.

How do you make sure that what you’re giving is well-received? How do we ensure that the thing we spent hours choosing from our vendors, designing, approving, and waiting patiently for those tracking numbers is actually worth something to the people we are giving it to?

Here are the top 5 trends in swag for 2023 and get ready to make this your best gift-giving year yet in the eyes of your customers.

1. Environmentally friendly gifts. Gone are the days of sticky notes that don’t stick, notebooks that get tossed or the pages and pages of information printed on glossy paper that a customer might glance through once. Look at investing in things that can promote your business or company without the ding to our tree friends.

2. Things your customer can use where they are. Are you setting up at a tradeshow where your customers are going to be flying in to attend? Don’t attempt to give away large or bulky items like beach towels or yoga mats. Things that people need during the event are a sure way to not only make their lives easier, but have other attendees ask “hey, where did you get that?” Travel items like:

3. Throwback items that are sure to please. There’s a reason why stress balls, highlighters, and pens are always the first to be grabbed. There’s nothing better than the classics we all grab and love to use!

4. Make a statement with memorable gifts. While a bit more expensive, quality is always better than quantity- choose your top customers, your internal employees, or people you really want to show an extra level of appreciation for.

5. Make it fun and unique. The best gifts are the ones you didn’t know you needed. The top trending items so far are:

No matter what you give, make sure it’s impactful, useful, and something YOU would use yourself. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes and picture how/where/when they would use your product.

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