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The Deliberation and Decision Making That Goes Into Promoting Someone From Temp To Hired

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

Just as one bad apple can turn a whole barrel rotten, one bad employee can have a negative effect on your entire staff. With temporary employment, business owners have the chance to try out workers before risking their company’s welfare in the long term. Along with its expert hiring services, BGSF specializes in helping businesses decide whether their temp employees should be brought on as full-time staff. Here are some signs that your new temp isn’t a bad apple but the right hire for your business:

They demonstrate an interest in the company.

That temp worker sure makes great coffee, but should you hire him full time? One of the best ways to predict whether someone would be a good permanent employee is to assess his level of interest in the company. If someone is truly excited about joining the team, he will likely take the time to visit the company website and inquire about current and future projects. And it’s only logical that someone who wants to be there is going to work harder so he can stay around!

They volunteer for projects.

Trying to decide between two equally qualified temp employees? Offer the full-time position to the one who volunteers for extra work. Not only does a willingness to take on new projects demonstrate teamwork skills and a good work ethic, but it also shows evidence of flexibility. This trait may prove valuable when you need someone to take on new roles down the line.

They get along with the group.

Of course, it’s not enough for temp workers to possess skill and enthusiasm; to ensure maximum productivity for your business, you should also promote employees who get along well with the group. While a little disagreement is healthy in the workplace, employees who belittle or alienate their colleagues will wind up harming your business in the long run. Choose workers who get along well with the others and see productivity and performance rise.

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