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Table Talks at DRC 25th Annual Women’s Business Conference

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

We recently sponsored the “Let’s Kick Glass Together Table Talks” at the Dallas Regional Chamber’s 25th annual Women’s Business Conference.

Our own Ebony Butler, VP of Diversity & Development, led our “Table Talks” experience, with the main theme being, “What sparks you to inspire HER?”

We had (12) BGSF team members facilitate discussions and ‘spark’ conversations among the small groups, building connections and sharing ideas to spark these concepts along our personal and professional journeys.

Ebony asked the following questions:

  1. How do you show up as your authentic self at work?

  2. How do you encourage others to be their authentic selves at work?

  3. What is one action you will take in the next 24 hours to ignite YOUR spark?

It was empowering to listen to these ladies and allies step out of their comfort zones to share their wisdom, hopes, and authentic selves with our team members, sparking encouragement that our team members made a lasting #impact, facilitating genuine discussions with key takeaways to further ignite sparks throughout the Dallas community and beyond.

“I come as one; but I stand as 10,000.”  Maya Angelou

Ebony recited this quote as she leveraged the conversation on how we are intentional about lifting up other women.  This quote, by Maya Angelou resonates with Ebony whenever she needs support and when she is providing other women with mentor and sponsorship support.  This quote serves as reminder to live boldly and acknowledge your tribe and community of strong women who came before and to always remember to clear the path for courageous women to come.

For twenty-five years, Dallas’s top professional women and business leaders have gathered at the Women’s Business Conference WBC to turn bold ideas into action, taking the spark from one day to drive professional and personal growth throughout the entire year — creating a stronger, more inclusive region.

We are grateful to have been invited to sponsor the “Table Talks,” and leave you with one question,

“If failure wasn’t an obstacle, what SPARK ✨would you ignite?”

Interested in finding out more about BGSF and what sparks us to be a 2023 Best Staffing Firm award winner? Click HERE! You can also Search our jobs or contact us!

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