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Slow Season? How about Get Stuff Done Season?

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

The debate continues every year from about mid-November to early January does real estate actually have a “slow” season? Sure, people might calm down on physically moving in and out of homes or offices, and some businesses/leasing offices might be closed for Christmas and New Year’s Day. But if you look closely, the slowdown of foot traffic might be the perfect opportunity to plan out successes and goals for the coming year. Keep reading for a few tips to make the most out of your downtime!

  1. Send handwritten cards. Whether it be to wish your clients or residents ‘happy holidays’, a $5 gift card for coffee on you, or a simple note to say hello; it’s a great time to remind your customers why they chose to do business with you in the first place. Among the holiday cards and packages, it’s nice to see a ‘thank you’ from a business or account manager.

  2. Complete all that nasty paperwork and filing. Yep – go ahead and bite the bullet. Now is the perfect time to do a deep clean of your office space, whether that’s a home office, remote office, or the kitchen table. File away papers from the previous year, making sure they’re labeled clearly, and store them in easy-to-see boxes (these from the Container Store are a team favorite!). Clean and wipe down surfaces and screens. Put everything back in its place. Now is also a great time to edit down your space and clear some room for new calendars, motivational quotes, or just enjoy a clear area to work and think. Check out these fun printables for your office area and get ready to get stuff done in the new year!

  3. Plan out your calendar. Sure, you don’t know what March 18th will bring EXACTLY. But now is a great time to pencil in some fun plans – not only for something to look forward to but how many times have we looked up and it’s July already? Plan things like tentative vacations, staycations, and self-care days. Pencil in employee appreciation weeks, team get-togethers (either in-person or virtually!), and make notes to book things like massages, spa days, book club dates, or wine with friends. Looking ahead and preparing yourself for the coming year will hopefully cut down on surprises or last-minute plans. These stickers are sure to help your calendar stay bright and cheery while reminding you of important dates and times.

  4. Make resolutions. Maybe resolutions aren’t your thing. Let’s call them “plans and goals” instead. Along with planning out your calendar, making goals for yourself is a great way to accomplish things you normally might put off. It could be a health goal, family goal, work goal, or anything in between –  speaking a goal out loud and/or writing it down makes you 50% MORE likely to accomplish it. We like those odds!

  5. Relax. Our guess is that you feel like this past year flew by in a flash. We feel you. Take this time among the holidays to breathe, spend time with family, and collect yourself. Drop the to-do lists, the cleaning frenzies, or the anxious organizing. You are perfectly okay to just sit, enjoy time with friends and family, and leave the chores for tomorrow. Give yourself grace in knowing that time spent with people who care for you is never wasted and the dust bunnies can wait.

To kick off the new year on the right foot, give BG Real Estate a call for any additional help you need. Whether it’s maintenance, leasing, property management, or just someone to help welcome guests and guide them to the elevator at your community (yeah, we do that!) we are here for you. Reach us at We can’t wait to be part of your success story in the new year!

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