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Should You Hire A Social Distance Attendant?

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

A position that wasn’t in existence a few months ago, BG Real Estate introduced the Social Distance Attendant and Elevator Concierge roles in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, knowing that most apartment communities would need to flex to accommodate residents’ use of their amenities.

So what does a Social Distance Attendant actually DO?

We’re so glad you asked! Keep reading for a few tasks that SDs are responsible for while working, as well as a handy dandy decision-making guide to use when considering whether or not to hire a social distance attendant.

  1. They help keep communal spaces clean. Fitness centers, elevator banks, coffee stations, and business centers can still operate, but not to full capacity in most areas. Social distance attendants are there to make sure that these areas are sanitized, wiped down, stay clean and sparkling for the next resident. If your community is operating on a one-in, one-out rotation for any amenities, a social distance attendant can help with making sure people abide by any time limits and occupancy counts.

  2. They assist in spacing out seating. It’s pool season! For the communities that have open pools and courtyard areas, social distance attendants can not only keep these seating areas clean but also ensure that a full six feet are kept between seats. That way, your residents won’t have to shift and move when they come to lounge by the poolside on a hot day.

  3. They can deliver items to residents. Packages don’t stop during a pandemic, and one might say that they’ve increased with the amount of time people are spending at home and not out at grocery stores and shops. Social distance attendants can jump in and help deliver packages to residents’ doors- not only does this help keep a mass of residents out of your office, but it makes your team’s day a bit easier with one less thing to handle and manage.

  4. They help with scheduling out amenity times. Some communities are allowing residents to book a slot in the fitness center, game lounge, or business center as a way to assist with keeping the headcount down in communal areas. Social distance attendants can manage these bookings, including calling residents to confirm their slot, letting a resident know when their time is up, and cleaning the space in-between visits.

  5. They assist with any virtual or in-person resident event. Resident events can still be in full swing if you look at the great ways to connect with residents virtually or even in-person, staying socially distant. A social distance attendant can help execute a resident event by delivering refreshments or items beforehand for a virtual event or assisting in setting up for an in-person event. Whether it’s stocking extra masks or gloves, arranging prepackaged snacks and individually bottled drinks, or making sure everyone is having a good time, our social distance attendants can help with anything you need to make sure everyone is staying safe. Did you miss our last blog post about resident event ideas during COVID-19? Check it out here!

BGRE is here for the talent you need to keep your community clean and socially distant while we weather this pandemic together. Contact your local office today to learn more about the candidates we have ready to assist you in your community!

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