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Revolutionizing Talent Development: Oracle Empowers Business Leaders to Maximize Upskilling


Staying ahead in business means continuously evolving, not just in terms of products and services, but also in the capabilities of your workforce. Recognizing this need for agility and growth, Oracle has announced a groundbreaking solution within its Cloud HCM suite: Oracle Grow for Business Leaders. This AI-powered upskilling platform is designed to help leadership teams navigate the complex terrain of talent development while aligning skill enhancement with overarching business priorities.

Oracle's New Solution Empowers Leaders to Maximize Upskilling

Oracle Grow for Business Leaders is not just another tool in the HR arsenal; it's a comprehensive solution that enables business leaders to nurture talent, foster organizational agility, and drive tangible business outcomes.

Oracle Grow for Business Leaders: How It Works

  • Leadership-Driven Role Guides: Business leaders can now create prescriptive guides that outline the skills and resources required for strategic roles within their organizations. Leveraging AI recommendations, these guides offer clear pathways for employees to align themselves with business objectives, ensuring that critical needs are met with the right talent.

  • Centralized Leader Dashboard: Real-time visibility into development progress, specific skills, and qualifications empowers leaders to proactively track skills progression by department, business unit, or individual. With AI-powered insights, leaders can identify emerging skill gaps and monitor the organization's overall progress in meeting business objectives.

  • Enhanced Workforce Transparency: Oracle Grow integrates role guides directly into each employee's personalized feed, providing transparency into leadership expectations and offering AI-driven recommendations for skill enhancement and career development.

  • Innovative Internal Mobility: By incorporating role guides into the Opportunity Marketplace, Oracle Cloud HCM facilitates faster talent discovery and internal mobility. AI-powered recommendations help employees explore new career paths while giving leaders visibility into talent and skills within the organization.

  • Skills Aggregation Platform: Oracle Dynamic Skills Platform accelerates the adoption of skills-based talent practices by providing a unified skills infrastructure. Embedded within Oracle Grow, it offers a comprehensive library of skills, consolidates existing skills data, and delivers AI-driven recommendations to enhance talent intelligence and practices.

Revolutionizing Talent Development

Oracle Grow bridges the gap between learning, skills growth, and career mobility, offering a hyper-personalized development experience. By empowering employees to maximize their potential and helping leaders align upskilling initiatives with business objectives, Oracle facilitates both individual and organizational growth.

Moreover, Oracle Cloud HCM serves as a centralized hub for all human resource processes, providing HR teams with a single source of truth to inform their people strategy. With built-in AI capabilities, the platform analyzes workforce data, generates insights, and offers recommendations to optimize workforce investments and improve business operations.

Moving Forward with Oracle

Oracle's new solution within Cloud HCM marks a significant step forward in talent development. By empowering business leaders to navigate the complexities of upskilling and aligning talent with strategic goals, Oracle Grow for Business Leaders paves the way for a more agile, resilient, and successful organization in today's rapidly evolving business landscape.

Are you considering implementing Oracle or upgrading your system? As a proud Oracle Partner with more than 150 years of cumulative experience in the field, our team of experts is ready to support you through a “Made to Measure” model, which provides each client with a unique, custom solution built for them and their specific needs. Contact us today to learn more.

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