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Reminders for Calls While Working from Home

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

A lot of us are dealing with the unusual challenge of working from home full time and keeping your video calls professional. Even if you have worked from home before, the unusual circumstances probably make it feel like a whole new world. Not only that but now you have more variables to deal with: pets, significant others, roommates, children and the like.  It’s sudden, it’s for an extended period, and the whole company is doing it!

Below are some tips that will help make sure you’re successful, with clients and candidates over video calls:

1. Create a quiet, professional work environment. Your home is now your office space, and the best way to utilize it is to find a spot that is:

  • Quiet

  • As away from pets as you can be

  • Somewhere where the background is neutral

2. Plan and prepare.

  • The video, audio, or conference calls

    • Test video and what it looks like prior to call

  • Have a sign for outside your door, so as not to be disturbed

    • EX. “Call in Progress, Please Do Not Disturb”

  • Have a plan-b

    • Have direct-dial phone numbers in case the video call fails

    • Download an offline form of materials, i.e. pdf or something similar

  • Confirmation

    • The day before confirm the date, time, and agenda with whomever you’re scheduled with

    • Make sure to attach the link to download video conferencing software or video conferencing number

3. Routine and Professional Dress

  • Maintaining some sort of routine will get you ready for your day, just as going to the office might.

    • Dressing the part is something that will help you get into the work mode, it signals to your brain that it’s time to work. This helps maintain some normalcy for you as well as clients and candidates; it shows that you’re still here to work for them.

    • Allot time in the mornings to ready your mind for work. Things like taking the dogs out, having a cup of coffee, or making breakfast to get your day started. Making new and maintaining morning routines will ensure, walking into your home workspace equates to a successful day.

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