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Recruiter Tips: Making Yourself More Marketable During Uncertain Times

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

As the world goes through an unprecedented time and countless projects have been pushed back, there’s a saturation of available, qualified consultants. Interviewing and perfecting your resume has always been hard but with our current situation, landing a job is even harder. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to set yourself apart from other applicants and help you land your next role:

Be More Flexible

With less positions available during these times, it may be necessary to consider taking a role that’s slightly lesser than your experience provides for or think about working for a company you may not have considered before. There may be a certain company you didn’t take a job with because of travel demands. With most roles being fully remote now, this company could be an option now. We can agree that while these options aren’t perfect, they may be necessary for the time being and in the long run, could help you land that dream job later down the road.

Keep Your Skills Sharp 

This is likely the first extended period of downtime folks have had in a long time.  If you find yourself with more time on your hands, you can use this time to bulk up your resume to set you apart by expanding your skillset. You could pick up formal training on the new emerging technology you have been looking into, gain a certification you maybe never had time for before, or train in a new module being released. Showing companies that you have the drive and ability to pick up these rarer skills can make you significantly more marketable.

Stay Connected to Your Network

Basically, everything’s virtual now! Keeping up with colleagues and friends you have made along your journey can give you integral market info on where and what projects are picking up. These connections and even your recruiter’s connections could be the key to unlocking a position or project you might have never known about. Even if you don’t have any viable connections, just let your recruiter know, and they can use their network to help fast track you to a position. Truly, it’s about open communication and a willingness to work together that will get the job done!

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