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Recruiter Tip of the Month: Building Your Resume with More Detail

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

It is so much easier for a recruiter to cut extra information on a resume than to add more. So starting with a more detailed resume can significantly benefit your job search. But what details should you include when you update your resume?

Adding the Right Details

  • Recruiters often do not understand the scope of a project or what you accomplished on it. Therefore, our technical recruiters recommend adding relevant project details when necessary. What exactly did YOU contribute to the project?

  • Answer specific, technical questions, such as:

    • What version of .Net/Java did you code?

    • Did you focus on the backlogs?

    • Did you mentor team members?

    • How much money did you save the company?

  • The more information and bullet points, the BETTER! Recruiters can omit irrelevant information if necessary.

  • Add your phone number and email at the top of your resume to be contacted quickly. Some job boards, such as Indeed, generate random emails that candidates don’t have access to or even realize exist. Having your direct contact information readily available will help recruiters reach you much faster.

If you’re ready to send out your updated resume, check out our open positions here and apply today – good luck!

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