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Preparing Property Managers for Their Roles

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

Employees perform better when they have a mentor or career coach who is cheering them on from the sidelines.

That’s what BGSF does for its property management field talent employees! With national coverage in the US and coverage in Toronto, Canada, BGSF has the insight needed to get ahead in your property management career.

Here are five ways we work with our property managers for the best results:

1. Consulting candidates for their career goals. Whenever a potential employee calls BGSF for an initial assessment, our team takes care to ask pointed questions about their long and short-term career goals. In doing so, we can place our field employees perfectly in roles that align with their core values and future goals.

2. Offering field employees training at no cost to them. We know the value of education. We also know that the best employees are the ones that continue to learn within their field. We offer classes at no cost to our employees. Our Tomorrow’s Talent class gives future property managers the tools they need to start leasing apartments from day one, along with how to build effective rapport, dressing for success and what to expect in a day at the leasing office. Our maintenance training program gives maintenance technicians and managers the resources they need to advance to the next career level; all while working and earning money.

3. Continuing the conversation, even after a permanent hire. Our team is here for our field employees, even if they become FORMER field employees. One of the best parts of our job is when we find the best position for our BGSF field talent and that employee, in turn, becomes a client. Regardless of tenure, position, or skill level, our BGSF team wants to continue to be YOUR market experts even after our employees are placed in permanent roles.

4. Offering more. From thought leadership webinars, curated articles, blog posts about interviewing and hiring, salary guides and more, BGSF offers more than just staffing solutions. We aim to be your industry experts in everything from current trends to the latest ongoing market data. Follow us on social media to stay up to date on all the information we offer directly to our clients and field talent!

5. Easy transitions, no matter where you are. We’re is nation-wide. We also provide staffing solutions for cyber security, financial and accounting firms, marketing and creative agencies and, yes, property management. Interested in another field or maybe thinking about moving to another city? Talk to BGSF. With our extensive coverage, we’re everywhere you want to be.

Connect with BGSF on social media, on our website at or by reaching out to us via a contact form. Whatever you need, we got you!

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