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Identifying Employees Who Are Masters of The Art of Multitasking

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

Are you the kind of person who can accomplish various chores simultaneously? If so, you are probably a multitasker. Not only is multitasking crucial for managing a home, but it can also be a huge boom in the working world. A clerical worker, for example, may have to deal with incoming packages while talking to a customer on the phone and helping another standing at the desk. As a result, it’s important that employees can prioritize tasks and accomplish more than one at a time. Here are three tips to help businesses identify those employees who are successful multitaskers:

Reduce Training Requirements

No worker is going to come to your business fully trained. However, hiring and promoting employees who are also good multitaskers can reduce the need for costly and extensive training down the line. After all, multitaskers may already be familiar with multiple areas of your business. As an added bonus, multitaskers are often better able to handle the stress that comes with taking on a new position.

Open to Opportunities

Along with requiring less training than their single-tasker counterparts, multitaskers are typically more open to new opportunities and responsibilities. Because they boast experience in various areas of the business, multitaskers can take on new duties and assignments as necessary. This flexibility can be a serious advantage in the event that a worker leaves suddenly or a company takes on new work spur of the moment.

Save Money

Desperate to cut corners at your office? One of the benefits of hiring multitaskers is that they can perform the work of more than one employee. While you don’t want to take advantage of asking a worker to do too much, it’s fine to request that your receptionist send a few emails out in between greeting customers and clients. Delegating a few easy tasks to multitaskers can tighten belts while avoiding the hassle of bringing on a new employee.

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