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How to Respond to Recruiters

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

LinkedIn is a great and powerful tool. It helps recruiters reach out to candidates that we may not find on job boards as well as makes a connection within the marketplace. When I send LinkedIn messages, I try to make the messages as personal as possible so that I’m not just “blasting” a job requirement out to hundreds of people who may not be a good fit. Responses tend to flow in pretty quickly, especially in the current market we find ourselves in. Below are a few tips for candidates to help streamline the process of getting submitted to a job by a recruiter:

DO respond about why you are interested. We tend to get a lot of responses. The easiest way to get to the top of the pile is letting us know why you are interested and what about your skills, availability, and location make this the right job for you.

DON’T just ask who the client is. Please understand that we have to respect client confidentially on 99% of the job requirements we get. Recruiting is a competitive business and the last thing a client wants is multiple salespeople calling them because a recruiter “leaked” a requirement. A good recruiter will never submit you to an opportunity without telling you who the client is. We just have to make sure it’s a good fit before we do.

DO let us know what your availability is. The quicker we can get through the back and forth via LinkedIn, the quicker we can get you submitted. Quick response with a few timeslots of when you can speak will make setting up a call that much easier.

DON’T expect to be submitted to a requirement without chatting with a recruiter. A recruiter shouldn’t submit you to an opportunity without talking to you. It’s impossible to get all the details we need for our clients about your background and situation via messenger. Set up a quick time to chat. You will know within the first three minutes of the call if it’s worth your time or not.

Follow these quick tips and make landing your next opportunity that much easier.

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