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How To Create Better Relationships In Your Team

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

Do your employees work well together? Or do they have a tendency to bicker like little kids? As a supervisor, you have a responsibility to make sure your teammates are working well despite any personal differences of opinion. A leader in workplace management, our team specializes in helping managers create better relationships among their teams. Here are some of our tips for cultivating a positive office environment:

Set Clear Expectations

If infighting is preventing your team members from doing their best work, ambiguous expectations may be to blame. To create a more harmonious and productive office, set clear expectations regarding both work and how employees should interact. For example, let staff know if you expect them to work independently or consult with their colleagues on a regular basis. Of course, you should practice what you preach by treating all teammates with respect and empathy.

Invite Other Opinions

Most people don’t want to stay in a job where they feel their voices are discounted. To improve workplace relations, make sure employees feel comfortable sharing their ideas and suggestions. Additionally, you should acknowledge everyone’s input and give credit where credit is due. With any luck, your workers will learn from your positive example and treat their colleagues with the same deference moving forward.

Demonstrate Empathy

It’s no secret that competition can breed ill will in the workplace. To keep your teammates working as one, model the kindness and empathy you hope to see in your employees. If you sense that a worker is experiencing a personal crisis, take the time to express your sympathy and ask if you can help. Not only will you set the tone for the team by encouraging kindness and empathy toward one another, but you will also help inspire loyalty among workers, reducing the odds that your best staff will leave you for the competition.

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